Freshness Guaranteed – A Discussion About Shelf Life

Everyone wants a cake that will taste as fresh at the last bite as it was for the first.  

That being said, it stands to reason that a cake’s shelf life can be a determining factor in how people choose which cake to order.  The need for lasting freshness is particularly important when cakes are ordered online and shipped across the country!  Our cakes are wrapped and delivered at the peak of freshness.  Our high standard of quality is maintained by using all fresh ingredients and NO artificial preservatives.

We intend for our bundt cakes from A Little Slice of Heaven to maintain quality for long enough that you can enjoy them time and time again.

Needless to say, freshness has gotten a lot of attention around here as we've recently launched our online store.  

One of our greatest claims to fame rests on the fact that our bakery serves only the freshest quality products…  But how do our mini pound cakes measure up when they’re not being bought locally?   And how does freshness fare for the cakes packaged and sent to the far corners of the continental US? 

The ultimate success or failure of our online business hinged upon the answers to these very questions!  We needed to know the truth.  So, we went all out and hired the University of Georgia to conduct a laboratory study of all seven varieties of our mini-bundt cakes. 

We all want a great cake to last.  Because, great cake only lasts…until it doesn’t. 

So, the UGA scientists set out to determine how long each type of our mini-bundt cakes stay fresh.

The results will leave you confident that our products have a shelf life that allows you to have your little slice of heaven for days and days while still maintaining that freshness and moist flavor that you have come to expect from our cakes.

Researchers took into account these three freshness factors:

  1. Appearance
  2. Flavor
  3. Texture

They studied each of these seven varieties:

  • Lemon
  • Lemon pecan
  • Kentucky butter
  • Key lime
  • Red velvet
  • Triple chocolate
  • Cream cheese

They assessed the cakes starting the day after they were baked to see how they appeared at first sight.

From that point on, each cake was reassessed every four days to see how their appearance, flavor, and texture held up compared to the day-one standard.

Here’s a look at how they fared:
Lemon mini-bundt cake:  Our signature cake which is where it all started for A Little Slice of Heaven kept its appearance, flavor, and texture for at least 14 days.

If you order from our online store, our lemon mini-pound cake will remain fresh and tasty for at least two weeks just simply kept out on the counter.  Of course, freezing it will extend that freshness date much further.  (Yes, it's safe to freeze your bundt cakes.  We are expecting that report in March!)

Lemon pecan mini-bundt cake: Another fan favorite at A Little Slice of Heaven bakery, this flavor also stood up extremely well with a shelf life of at least 14 days.

Kentucky butter mini-bundt cake: This delectable buttery concoction didn’t last as long as the lemon varieties, but was still tasty and moist until at least day 7.  But who leaves a Kentucky butter bundt cake around even that long?!

Key Lime mini-bundt cake: Sweet and tart, our key lime mini-bundt cake was long lasting in freshness and taste with a recommended shelf life of at least 14 days.

Red Velvet mini-bundt cake: People love our red velvet mini-bundt cake for its silky, smooth taste. If you’re one of those people, you’ll be happy to know you can enjoy this flavor’s freshness and taste for at least 14 days as well. Around day 18, you may notice the cake start to dry out.  That’s when it’s time to part ways and order more!

Triple-chocolate mini-bundt cake: Chocolate lovers rejoice in knowing that tests of our triple-chocolate flavor ended with a shelf-life of 14 days. But, true chocolate lovers will probably devour it all well before then!

Cream cheese mini-bundt cake:  Buttery and moist, our cream cheese mini-bundt cake kept its freshness and taste for 14 days.

Seeing these results can give you confidence knowing that our cakes are not “day of” cakes. Whether you buy them here in Atlanta or in our online store, they last well beyond their purchase date and make perfect gifts to be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. Get your little slice of heaven today and enjoy it for days…or weeks, to come!