Rewarding Our Customers One Free Cake at a Time

At A Little Slice of Heaven Bakery we are extremely grateful to our customers who have shown their loyalty to us over the years by supporting our business and helping it flourish.

We believe that all good deeds deserve to be rewarded in the sweetest way possible. What better way than to let our loyal customers eat cake for FREE?

Yes, we said FREE!

We are proud to announce our new Sweet Rewards Program at A Little Slice of Heaven Bakery.

Here’s how it works…

If you love our pound cakes and other sweet treats, you’re going to love this program even more! For starters, you’ll earn one point for every dollar you spend at (custom cakes excluded). That’s just the beginning!

We’ll also award you points for:

  • Referring friends that make purchases (50 points)
  • Creating your account (50 points)
  • Sharing our page on Facebook (20 points)
  • Your birthday (20 points)

When you accumulate a certain number of points, we reward you with FREE cake. The more points you earn, the more cake we’ll give you! All…for…FREE!

Watch your points add up to receive the following rewards:

  • 120 points=Free 2-count of mini-pound cakes
  • 360 points=Free 6-count of mini-pound cakes
  • 630 points=Free 12-count of mini pound cakes
  • 670 points=One whole pound cake

Racking up points is easy with our Sweet Rewards Program. If you simply share our page on Facebook and refer two friends who make purchases you can get 2 free mini-pound cakes delivered right to your doorstep. You don’t even need to leave your couch to make that happen!

If you want to wait for your points to add up to redeem them for a larger reward you can do that as well. The choice is yours!

One of the amazing things about our rewards program is that you have one year from the date of your last purchase to use them. That’s 365 days to save up for the big prize…an entire pound cake that is valued at $45! That’s $45 of FREE cake for you to enjoy with your friends and family. Talk about a sweet deal!

It’s easy to sign up and FREE!

Simply go online and create an account. Start earning points right away with 50 sweet points just for signing up. From there, your earning potential and sweet cake rewards are endless. The more you shop, the more FREE cake you’ll receive! It doesn’t get much sweeter than that!

FREE cake is waiting for you, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today!